The Medalist

Credits:  Music, Lyrics, & Video: Joy Weinberg;
Vocals: Todd Herzog; Guitar and Bass: Fred Ross-Perry

It’s a 90-minute ride into the city
Your wife sits in the last row of the bus
Her eyes like cold stone—she’s not looking pretty
You’re a medalist in messing this stuff up

First you said you love her and you need her
As she sleepily awakens in your bed
Later you do what you want and leave her 
‘Til her dragon’s breathing fire in your head

You didn’t mean to cut her off, exactly 
You’re just possessed in doing your own thing
When you’re ready you would call her back, see 
And give her whatever she needs 

‘Course you’re ready when she really needs you
Stomachache—Get carbonated drinks 
Anxious—Get a fairy tale to read her 
Headache—Compress on her widow’s peak

But it’s not enough to play knight to her damsel 
She needs you, to care for her day to day 
Truth is, you now have a second master 
And your self isn’t having it her way 

It’s an infinity of minutes back to normal
When you’re a medalist in passing over cues
A deep massage this time won’t be the cure-all
When you’ve blundered into your own World War II….

The bus motor’s screeching like a tabby
The vent is blowing hard and icy air
The tires rolling drum beats down this alley
You wonder if she feels it too, back there

You want to tuck your arms around her ribcage
And feel her gentle breathing, out and in
You know you’ll have to tell her you’ll mend your ways
And hope you’re not a medalist again

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