The Dream

Credits:  Music, Lyrics, & Video: Joy Weinberg;
Vocals: Amy Goldstein

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Last night I
Had the strangest dream
I was on a train
Standing next to me
Was a Chinese man
With old trembling hands
And a child
Ran around
And around
And smiled…..

One young man
A plaid suit he wore
No, no, it wore him 
Like a cheap mannequin
A large woman sighed
She held six big bags
Thrift-store toys
For the boys
In ring-less hands…

And suddenly…
I saw light!
Not the sun
It was from inside….

I was love
And I loved them all
The old Chinese man
The young child that ran 
The mom with her bags
The man wrapped in plaid
Separate lives
On one ride
Traveling…through time….

I saw me
Saw me in them all
Saw my shaky hands
In the trembling man
Saw the me that’s lost
In a woman fraught
Many boys
Many bags
What a life
She’s had….

Then, like that
The light was gone!
The doors opened 
We moved on….

Last night I
Had the strangest dream
I was on a train
Strangers all with me 
And I thought: 
This is what it means
To be free

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