7 Days

Credits:  Music, Lyrics, & Video: Joy Weinberg;
Vocals: Amy Goldstein and Eldric Bashful 

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7 days
The world was born in 7
7 days
The world was formed in 7
7 (7)
Nights and days….

Each of us
Each of us like a world–
A world apart
Each of us being something 
Different (different) 
As worlds are… 

And you
It was your world that met with mine
You filled a missing part of
My life (my life)
Worlds united

7 days
For 7 days I honor
Honor you
Who handed me a map to 
Being (being) 
Who I am

And I remember too
This broken world is better 
‘Cause of you 
And I’m a better person
Thanks to (thanks to)
Nights and days with you

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